BOOK BUNDLE: Arson Investigation in the Wildlands & Incendiary Devices

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Incendiary Devices-Investigation and Analysis is a companion book to Arson Investigation in the Wildlands.  If purchased together, get this second book at a $5 off the internet price!

1 of 2: Arson Investigations in the Wildlands 

Wildland Arson cases are most often solved by mimicking these successful methods used daily by Homicide Detectives:  Scene Work, Evidence Recovery and Exploitation, Interviews, Analysis, and relentlessly Knocking on Doors....

This book by two veteran arson investigators with hundreds of successful prosecutions between them re-affirms time-tested investigative techniques, using the "right" resources, and mixing in new technology and profiling techniques.  There are also chapters on analysis and profiling, and case preparation for court.
2 of 2: Incendiary Devices-Investigation and Analysis

Ed Nordskog is the first investigator to conduct detailed research and analysis of the history and use of incendiary devices in criminal events.  He studied over 3,500 actual devices and their case histories, and queried hundreds of arson investigators and bomb technicians from all over the world to compile this book and a related study.